Guidelines for Equipment Selling

at Club Meetings 

1. Selling equipment at MDARC Club meetings is intended for private individuals or non-profit groups wishing to dispose of excess equipment, estate sales, etc. Persons or organizations regularly engaged in selling equipment will not be permitted.

2. Approval to sell at any given meeting does not constitute approval to sell at other meetings. Each meeting date must be requested and approved individually. Repeated requests to sell will be denied. See item no. 1 above.

3. All equipment sold shall be related to amateur radio and similar technologies. Equipment shall be operational to the best knowledge of the seller (no “boat anchors”).

4. Persons wishing to sell equipment at an MDARC meeting must contact the Club at least two weeks prior to the meeting in question. This may be done by contacting a member of the Board of Directors, sending an email to or calling the Club phone number, (925) 288-1730. Selling is not permitted unless specifically approved by a Club official.

5. Equipment selling will not be permitted:

a. From the first of the year until after the annual Club Auction, typically held at the April meeting. It is suggested that equipment to be sold in this period be brought to the Auction and sold there.

b. At the September or October meetings, due to the proximity to PACIFICON. It is suggested that equipment to be sold in this period be brought to the PACIFICON swap meet.

6. Equipment set-up and selling may be conducted prior to the beginning of the meeting and during the break (if any) before the speaker only. Equipment removal is permitted only during the break before the speaker and after the close of all meeting functions. Set-up, selling and removal is not permitted during the business meeting or during the speaker’s presentation. At no time will the seller disrupt Club functions.

a. The building generally becomes accessible sometime between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm on meeting days.

b. Sellers must understand that other Club functions are typically underway prior to the start of the business meeting and, on occasion, following the speaker’s presentation. Sellers must not interfere with any Club function; with physical obstructions, noise or in any other manner.

c. A maximum of three (3) 8-foot tables may be used, and shall be placed in a location out of the way of Club functions. Consult with a Club official prior to set-up for clarification.

d. Sellers are responsible for setting up and putting away any tables, chairs or other materials used.

e. Sellers must vacate the premises promptly upon the close of Club functions.

7. Any items not sold must be promptly removed from the premises, along with all trash and other excess material. Tables and chairs used must be properly put away.

8. Depending on the success of the Seller’s efforts, a contribution to the Club would be appreciated, but is not required.

I have received a copy of, understand and agree to abide by, these Guidelines.

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Link to printable copy of these Guidelines. (PDF, 72 kB)