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 W6CX-DV -- MultiMode Digital Voice Repeater

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Comparison of our DV Modes

Welcome to the W6CX Digital Voice (DV) repeater!  MDARC is pleased to provide our members and users within RF range with three DV modes by use of MultiMode technology.  This allows more people to benefit from our wide-coverage DV repeater.


Our Digital Voice (DV) repeater supports D-STAR, DMR and C4FM (Fusion).  When idle, the repeater listens for all 3 modes.  Once a given mode like D-STAR is heard, the repeater gives preference to that mode for 20 seconds after a transmission, to preclude another mode from interrupting the QSO.  

We recommend, when you are about to key up, first check your radio (S-meter or receive signal strength bars) to see if the repeater is already busy with another mode.  It's quick and easy to glance at your radio before first keying up.

Frequencies: 145.000 (+2.5 MHz offset)

Usage Details including how to send radio commands to connect to reflectors or talkgroups


Our digital systems are some of the best in the world and regularly host MMDVM and related sessions at each October. We are one of the first repeaters to now support the patent free M17 digital voice mode.

Repeater Info

MDARC’s W6CX DigitalVoice MultiMode repeater consists of:

2 Motorola CDM1250 radios (one for TX, one for RX) which are connected to a combiner system allowing MDARC's 2-meter analog FM repeater (147.060) and our DV repeater to share the same tower antenna. (The combiner is so well tuned that neither repeater's transmitter desenses the other repeater's receiver.)

ZUM Radio MultiMode modem. This board manages the different DV modes.  It also converts digital data to analog tones to feed the TX radio, and converts analog tones from the RX radio into a digital stream.

Raspberry Pi 3B+.  The Pi runs the popular Pi-Star image which brings together a suite of open source programs written by Jonathan Naylor, G4KLX, including MMDVMHost and related programs.