Many organizations assign new people a gmail, or properly a Google Workspace account with an email address. A few tricks help people handle multiple gmail accounts better.

Send Mail As: When writing an email it can be useful to make it look like it was sent from the address of another gmail account. A one time setup is required. After it is set up and when composing an email you will be able to select the address as an alternative From email address. This assumes you use the web interface of Similar steps should work for software email clients like Thunderbird. 

Receiving Forwarding: It can be convenient to get copies of all email sent to another gmail account forwarded to the gmail account you read most often.

Receiving Filters: Instead of all email, an alternative is to use a filter to get copies of only matching emails sent to another gmail account.

Filters can also be used to automatically apply a label and/or "Never send it to Spam".