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W6CX-DV -- DMR Mode Information

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This page is under  Repeater Systems: Digital Voice: DMR. We also have a page Activities: Digital Systems: DMR

MDARC is pleased to provide DMR access from Mount Diablo's South Peak.  Remember to check your radio (S-meter or received signal strength bars) before hitting PTT, to ensure the repeater is not busy with another DV mode.

Key Info:
Network: BrandMeister
Set up a new Zone and channels for W6CX
ColorCode = 1
o Use TS1 only for our static talkgroup(s) - currently 310606 Diablo
o Use TS2 to access dynamic talkgroups
You can program channels to access BrandMeister talkgroups of your choosing (again, please use TS2)
Check out the List of BrandMeister talkgroups
Note that dynamic talkgroups will be disconnected after 15 minutes of no local DMR RF activity

Please remember our objective is to give the best experience for all club members and users within RF range of W6CX-DV.  Our hope is no one mode will "take over" the repeater, and a good way to achieve that is to avoid very busy talkgroups like WorldWide 91 unless you can find no one else to talk to.  (The same caveat applies to D-STAR reflector REF001C).