6:00-7:00 PM:    Seller Equipment Registration and Set Up
6:30 PM:             Open for Equipment Inspection
7:00 PM:             Auction Begins

Our annual auction will be held on our normal meeting night in April at our regular meeting place in Lafayette. Our process will be the same as in past years. The first step when you arrive is to sign out a bidder’s card. As a seller, this will be your number for your item cards. As a buyer, you will display this number if you are the successful bidder. Please, return these cards to us when you leave for the evening.


When you get your bidders card, bring your items into the room and place them on one of the work tables inside the door. Figure out how many items you are going to enter into the auction. You can then go back to the sign-in table and they will give you item cards for your auction items. If you wish,
download this file ahead of time that you can print for yourself. There are 6 cards on each sheet of paper. Cut the item cards apart and fill out the description etc. before you arrive. Please leave "Item No.", "Seller No." and "Buyer" fields blank. Once your cards are filled out and your bidder’s number has been filled in the Seller # space, we will stamp an item number on the cards. At that time, please take the bottom tab from the card. If you printed the cards yourself, we have scissors to cut the receipt from the bottom of the card. This is your receipt for claiming your money. If the proceeds from any of your items are to be donated to MDARC, please use 1 as the Seller #.

It is important that the items be placed in item number order on these tables. After your items are sold and the buyer has paid for them, you may collect the amount do to you. Remember that the club will charge a 10% commission on each item (rounded off to the nearest nickel)


Use the provided bidder’s card to place your bid. Bid with the red side of the card and, if you are the successful bidder, show the number on the back of the card to the computer operator in the front of the room so that he can record that information along with the selling price. Purchases may be paid for with cash or checks. Credit cards will not be accepted. There is no additional fee to the buyer.

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Swindell, k1led@arrl.net


Auction Rules

  • Ham radio related equipment only.
  • 10% commission charged to seller
  • $1.00 charge for buy backs. The auctioneer has the final word
  • Cash and checks only, no credit cards accepted
  • The seller is responsible for any unsold items. Any unsold items left at the auction will be disposed of at the expense of the seller