W6LGW – MDARC Club License

MDARC currently holds two club licenses;

the one we all know, W6CX; and another one, W6LGW.

Where did W6LGW come from? 

W6LGW was originally assigned to Oscar W. Peterson, known to everyone as “Pete” Peterson, who lived in Alamo. Pete was a founder of MDARC. Unfortunately, much of the information about Pete and the other Club founders has been lost to the ionosphere. We do know that Pete held the call sign in 1954, and may have had it long before that. Thankx to research done by our intrepid newsletter editor, Matthew Vurek, N4DLA, we've learned that Pete was born in Michigan in 1904 and passed away December 27, 1975.

In memory of Pete, MDARC adopted the call as a Club license. The earliest known trustee of the license was Harry Cameron, W6RVC, who became the trustee in June, 1976. He served as trustee at least until 1990, according to Club directories.

The FCC records of the call sign indicate that Milton Goldman, K3WIL, became the trustee sometime 1990s. Based on those records, Milt apparently later moved to Florida and has since passed away. We assume this because his call sign, K3WIL, expired in 2003. It was reissued in 2007 as a vanity call sign to Wilbur Emmons in Pennsylvania.

Dick Brown, KT6X, became trustee approximately in 1996. Dick was a core member of the Club for longer than many of us can remember. He has served as our President, Chair of the Pacificon Committee, Chair of multiple Audit and Nomination committees and numerous other positions. Dick was inducted as a Lifetime Member in 2013.

Our current trustee, Larry Loomer, KI6LNB, became the trustee in 2022. Larry has been a member of the Club since 2007.  He has served as our Secretary for a couple of years.  He currently serves the Club as the License Testing Chairman and the Emergency Coordinator.