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W6CX-DV -- C4FM Mode for Fusion Radios

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MDARC is pleased to provide C4FM access for Fusion radios.  Remember to check your radio (S-meter or received signal strength bars) before hitting PTT, to ensure the repeater is not busy with another DV mode.

Key Info:

Networks: YSF and FCSOur repeater does not connect directly to the Wires-X network.
Default reflector: YSF80280 Diablo – this reflector is bridged to Wires-X room 80280.  This is accomplished by the reflector, not the W6CX repeater

W6CX uses MultiMode software written by G4KLX.  It can interact with many of Fusion radios’ Wires-X features by responding to the radios just like Wires-X would.  This allows us to search for YSF or FCS reflectors as if they were Wires-X rooms, then have the radio tell W6CX to connect to one of these YSF or FCS reflectors.

When the repeater is not busy, feel free to link the repeater to your favorite YSF or FCS reflector.  The following uses the Yaesu FT2D radio as an example:

Kerchunk or briefly key up the W6CX repeater to ensure it is put into C4FM mode and will be expecting a C4FM transmission.  Otherwise the system might not notice the brief transmission from the next step.
Briefly hit the X (Wires-X) key on your radio.  This sends a very short burst asking to connect and put the repeater into simulated Wires-X mode.
Response should be “Connected” on radio’s screen.
Press “Search & Direct” screen button.
On this screen, also press Search & Direct button to get to the data entry screen.
Enter what reflector you want to connect to.  Simplest way:
o For YSF reflectors, enter #nnnnn (e.g. #56123 for YSF56123 – US – America)
o For FCS reflectors, enter the 5-digit FCS number (e.g. for FCS00170 Socal-Link, enter 00170)
Press ENT (enter) button on screen and if the reflector is found, the repeater will be connected to that reflector.
Note that linked reflectors will be disconnected after 10 minutes of no local C4FM RF activity and our default reflector will be reconnected. 

On the FT2D’s screen, pressing the ID button on the screen will create the #.  Other radios may operate differently.

Please remember our objective is to give the best experience for all club members and users within RF range of W6CX-DV.  Our hope is no one mode will "take over" the repeater, and a good way to achieve that is to avoid very busy talkgroups/reflectors unless you can find no one else to talk to.  (The same caveat applies to D-STAR reflector REF001C and DMR talkgroup 91 WorldWide).