Charter Members

of the

Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club

On January 2, 1947, Bud Stedinger W6CX, Lyle Gardenhire W6RUZ, Marion Doss, W6ICU and N.C. Dahl met at the home of Bud Stedinger to formulate plans for founding an Amateur Radio Club. O.W. Peterson W6LGW was also in attendance via radio. 

A week later, January 9, 1947, the same five founders met at Bud Stedinger' s home to formulate and adopt a preamble and By-Laws for the Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club, Officers elected by acclamation were:

            President:         Bud Stedinger W6CX

            Vice President  D.W. Peterson W6LGW

            Sec/Treas.:       Lyle Gardenhire W6RUZ

Notice was given locally that MDARC had been founded and the first meeting would be held at the Walnut Creek Grammar School on January 17, 1947.

Charter Members