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By using our websites and services, you are a "user" and you accept and agree to these Terms of Use (ToU) as a legal contract between you and us, the Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club (MDARC). By interacting with our websites, or using our goods or services, you are agreeing to be subject to these ToU in their entirety, without modification. If you do not accept and agree to all provisions of these ToU, now or in the future, you may reject these ToU by immediately terminating all access and use of our sites and services, in which case any continuing access or use of our sites and service is unauthorized.

These ToU shall be effective as soon as you first access, download or use any of the services or information (collectively, the "Services") on MDARC websites and shall remain in effect for so long as you use or access any of the Services (the "Term"). Upon termination of the Term, you shall no longer be permitted to use or access the Services. Your obligations under some sections of these ToU shall survive the termination of the Term, including but not limited to Copyright, Legal Compliance, Limitation of Liability, Jurisdiction, Governing Law and Severability; as defined in this document.

These ToU grant you a limited, revocable, nonexclusive license to access and use our sites and services, in whole or in part, including but not limited to our intellectual property therein, solely in compliance with these ToU.

Errors and Omissions

MDARC strives to ensure that all content on this website is accurate, understandable and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. However, we are not responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions or user misunderstandings of our content. Further, MDARC is not liable whatsoever for any misuse of this content by you or others.


The content of websites operated by MDARC are copyrighted by the Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club and we reserve all rights. The content may be viewed, copied, and/or downloaded for noncommercial personal use only. In no event may our content be sold, traded or otherwise used for personal or organizational gain. Should you choose to share our content with other individuals or groups, an attribution to us is required.

Legal Compliance

You are required to comply with, and to ensure compliance with, all laws, ordinances and regulations applicable to your activities on our sites and services. You agree to comply with the laws, ordinances and regulations of the United States of America, the State of California, and the County of Contra Costa, as well as those of your nation, state or province, and locality.

Limitation of Liability

MDARC cannot be held liable for your use of our websites or their content.

Jurisdiction, Governing Law

Any and all claims, causes of action or disputes between you and MDARC arising out of, or related to, these Terms of Use, our sites and/or services or content accessed through our sites will be governed by the laws of the State of California, USA. Any such claims shall be filed only in courts located in the county of Contra Costa, California, USA.


There is no age limit to become an amateur radio operator (ham); and we believe our websites are appropriate for anyone who is, or is interested in becoming, a ham. Our websites have no content directed specifically to children under 13 years of age. We do not knowingly collect data relating to children through these websites. Children may only access these websites and the services of MDARC with parental consent.


MDARC does not discriminate for or against anyone based on any special categories, including such details as your race or ethnicity, national origin, religious or philosophical beliefs, gender, sex life, sexual orientation, disability, political opinions, trade union membership, and information about your health, genetic and biometric data.

Prohibited Uses

As a user of our websites, you are prohibited from:

Privacy Policy

Our website privacy policy is available at https://www.mdarc.org/about-us/official-documents/privacy-policy.


If any provision of these ToU is held or made invalid by a court decision, statute or rule, or shall be otherwise rendered invalid, the remainder of this Agreement shall not be affected thereby. Any provision of these ToU which is held or made invalid in any jurisdiction shall not invalidate or render unenforceable such provision in any other jurisdiction.

ToU Violations

MDARC may revoke or restrict your access to its websites, products, or services in the event that you violate these Terms of Use or any applicable law, regulation or ordinance.

In the event that you violate any of these Terms of Use or applicable laws, you agree to indemnify MDARC for any losses, damages or costs we incur as a result. Furthermore, MDARC will not be held responsible for any claim involving the user.

ToU Revisions

We may post changes to these ToU at any time, and any such changes will be applicable to all subsequent access to, or use of, our sites and services.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding these Terms of Use, you may contact us using the following information:

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