Leap Day Net


Feb 29, 2024 (All Hams Welcome)

On Thursday, February 29 MDARC is changing our regular Thursday night net (for one night) to be a SPECIAL EVENT net for all clubs and hams to participate. LEAP DAY only occurs 24 times in a century (years ending in 00 do not have a leap day) . The last time LEAP DAY occurred on a Thursday was 28 years ago in 1996. The net control was most likely Jay Caldis KT6Y who would have run a regular net that night. The next LEAP DAY on a Thursday will be 28 years from now in 2052. This year's LEAP DAY net is to have MDARC members and members of other clubs get together just for the fun of it, and to see how many hams check in.  Mike Paterson N6JGA (ARRL East Bay Section Manager) has sent this to all East Bay Section ARRL Clubs. HRO will have this posted in their Sacramento Store. 

We are looking into sending a contact QSO Card or email a Certificate to each station who checks in to the net (this has not been finalized yet-if we send QSL or EMAIL Certificates we will get information off of QRZ).

NET Procedure:

1. ALL Check-ins will be by first letter of your suffix, and your QTH. 

2.  START TIME: 7:00PM  member / non member Echolink check-in from out of area hams on W6CX-C.

3. 7:20 MDARC Roster Member Check-in begins (by first letter of suffix) Your transmit frequency will be 147.66 (PL 100) and your receive frequency will be 147.06. 

4. After roster members are checked in then all other hams can check-in (by first letter of their Suffix) on the repeater or by echolink. 

We will be posting updates/changes on the MDARC.org website (here).