The FCC used to give all exams. As the volume grew, conducting exams was delegated to a number of Volunteer Exam Coordinators (VECs) including the ARRL and their Volunteer Examiners. Our club's Education & Testing team is exploring the use of an online system to help us be more productive and serve people better.


Exam.Tools aka examtools.org and its sister site HamStudy.org have been used by people to practice exam questions and pass exams. The system is sponsored by SignalStuff.com. A number of VECs use it to administer online and in-person exams.

Online session locator: hamstudy.org/sessions/remote

Volunteer Examiner Coordinators

There is more than one! The official list of VECs show a number of groups organized like the ARRL that help the FCC proctor and submit exam results in the US. Questions for all VECs come from question pools of the www.ncvec.org. These Technician, General and Amateur Extra pools are updated in alternating years in July.

The ARRL conducts the most exams and is what our club uses on paper so far. We are exploring using exam.tools.

Benicia uses W5YI-VEC.org for their exam sessions with exam.tools.

Some people associated with Google use the Laurel-VEC.org with exam.tools.

Traditional Exams

In person exam sessions allow you to meet at least three interested hams, the three who sign your Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam. You may also want to meet the others taking the exam with you.

You can find sessions at: arrl.org/find-an-amateur-radio-license-exam-session