MDARC Auction 2021

April 16, 7:00 PM

via Zoom

7:00 PM: Auction Begins

Our annual auction will be held on our normal meeting night in April via Zoom. Bidders’ will indicate that they wish to bid on an item by “raising their hand” via Zoom. The auctioneer or assistant auctioneer will acknowledge bids, then bidding will continue until the highest bid is determined. Name, call sign, and email needs to be provided to assistant auctioneer via Zoom chat.


If you would like to sell an item or items at the auction, please contact Jim Siemons, W6LK at in advance of the auction. We will need one (1) picture of your item, a short description, a minimum bid amount (if wanted), your name, call sign, phone, and email address. There will be a 10% commission (rounded to the nearest nickel) to MDARC. The seller and buyer will have to make their own arrangements for delivery. MDARC will not be responsible for delivery of items.

In the past, we have used Auction Item Cards and you may use them as a reference. Some of the requested information is no longer valid for this Zoom Auction.

See the below guideline image below.


Simply come and join us the night of the auction, and “raise” your Zoom hand to indicate that you wish to bid. The auctioneer or assistant auctioneer will acknowledge your bid. If you are not noticed, please send a note to “everyone” on Zoom chat indicating that you would like to bid.

After the bidding on each item is successfully closed, our cashiers will tabulate the final bids and send a PayPal invoice at the end of the evening. You may pay with PayPal, credit card, debit card, or from your bank account.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or

Auction Rules

  • Equipment of interest to the ham radio community only.

  • 10% commission charged to seller

  • $1.00 charge for buy backs. The auctioneer has the final word

  • PayPal electronic payments only. PayPal allows for the use of your PayPal account, your credit card/debit card, or your bank account for transactions. You do not need to have a PayPal account. There is a 5% convenience charge for PayPal processing to cover processing fees.

  • Items will be published online at the website in an Auction Catalog