Education and Training 

A number of years ago the Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club (MDARC) and the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) informally joined together to form the MDARC/SATERN Volunteer Instructional Team.  The MDARC/SATERN Volunteer Instructional Team’s initial focus has been to provide amateur radio license instructional courses that help people in our community earn their desired amateur radio licenses.  During the past several years more than 1,000 people from our community have attended our classes, many earning their desired amateur radio Technician class, General Class and Extra Class licenses. 

In 2014 the MDARC/SATERN Volunteer Instructional Team added Auxiliary amateur radio courses to its services for our community’s amateur radio operators.  In 2015 Emergency Preparedness courses for the amateur radio community were added.

In 2019, our classes moved to a new location, so we are now known as the MDARC Volunteer Instructional Team.

The MDARC Volunteer Instructional Team is composed of various volunteers from MDARC and other organizations that volunteer to lead in-class discussions for our amateur radio students.  These in-class discussion leaders are supported by various members from MDARC and those organizations that volunteer as Elmers.  As Elmers, we support the in-class discussion leaders and help the students earn their desired amateur radio licenses.

As the MDARC Volunteer Instructional Team’s program offerings grow, the team needs additional help from existing licensed amateur radio operators.  Please contact John Primus, AF6RJ, at to join the team’s various instructional and support positions so that each of us can “give something back to amateur radio”.

See our Course schedule and other details on our Class Details page.

Also, see the ARRL East Bay Section Education & Training page.