Mount Diablo

Amateur Radio Club

The Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club (MDARC) was founded in 1947. Today it has a membership of over 300 dedicated hams and is one of the largest amateur radio clubs in California. MDARC's purpose is to encourage innovation in amateur radio, provide public service and educational opportunities, foster goodwill within our community, and have fun in the process.


Remaining Steadfast


The MDARC Board and Staff continue in our commitment to promote the health of our members and guests during this Covid-19 pandemic, especially now with the widespread Omicron and Delta variants.

We agree with the public health recommendations to get vaccinated and get the booster because that has been found to be the most effective safeguard for prevention of the disease or at the very least, mild symptoms if infection does occur.

We conduct our meetings following the latest health guidelines from the County Health Officer and encourage the members of MDARC to do the same in their interactions with others.

For details of the CCC Order please use this link:

Health Orders | Coronavirus (



MDARC Board Member

[For previous notes, please see our Announcements page.


MDARC provides a wide variety of programs and activities for its members. These include hosting and staffing PACIFICON (ARRL Pacific Division convention) each October, bringing in great speakers and offering ham radio classes to the public. Our annual picnic, holiday party and radio equipment auction are all enjoyable events!

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Membership in MDARC includes autopatch access to all three MDARC voice repeaters (W6CX). We also maintain an ATV repeater, and support Packet / APS EchoLink, and IRLP. The W6CX D-STAR repeater is operational and connected to our gateway on the Internet.

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Training Courses or Classes

General Club Meeting

Friday, February 18,
7:00 PM

GOTA Band Tour using
Junk Box Antennas

by JB Still, NR5NN

See the details on our Speakers page.

Hybrid Meeting!

Both In-Person and on Zoom

Our Savior's Lutheran Church

1035 Carol Lane

Lafayette CA

Special Services Club

See our PACIFICON site for details on the best ham radio convention in the Western United States!

W6CX Repeaters

Our Repeater systems are among the best in Northern California!

Help us support our Repeaters!

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You can donate to MDARC just by shopping at AmazonSmile.Com.

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We also accept donations to the club via PayPal. Please click this link to make a donation.

Note: MDARC is a 501(c)3 organization.

Club Announcements
(See our
Announcements page for more.)

The date and location of the license test session following this Spring's Technician Class course has been posted to the
Class Details page, along with the location of the second GOTA class.

Congratulations to our 2021 award recipients! this year's Ham of the Year award went to
Rich Lueck, K6REL; and the Kilroy Key was awarded to Patrick Miller, KK6DBX.

Some recent changes to our website:
* First- Our newest page is about
Azimuthal Maps, located in the Operating Aids section. Any ham that does DX needs an azimuthal map to best target their signal to the desired contact. This page explains what they are and provides one centered on the Bay Area.

* Next- We now have a search field; allowing us to find any text string on the website. This should reduce the drudgery of finding something you know is there, but can’t remember where. Just look in the upper right corner of any page and click on the magnifying glass icon. That will pop open a small window to enter your search term.

* Finally, something we had (sort of) but lost when we converted to the “new” Google website format a few months ago. If you look in the address field of your browser on any page, notice that it no longer says something like “…” Now it provides the actual URL to that page. For example, the URL for the page in my first item above is And that address can be copied and pasted into an email, another browser tab, etc. and, when clicked, will take you directly to that page.

We have a new page on the web site, discussing
Azimuthal Maps. Anyone that does DX needs one of these. Check it out.

At the MDARC General Meeting Friday evening, it was announced that our normally-cancelled December meeting will be held after all
on our usual 3rd Friday, Dec 17, since the usual Holiday Banquet was cancelled (see the 09/13/2021 announcement below). See our Club Meetings and Speakers pages for details.

At the MDARC General Meeting Friday evening, it was announced that our November General Meeting will be held in the church's Sanctuary rather than our usual room. So park in the upper parking lot in November.

The Pacificon Committee has updated the COVID-19 statement on their website and a
dded a COVID Action Plan page showing how the mandates of the Contra Coast Health Services will be enacted. Please look it over before coming to Pacificon.

The MDARC Board of Directors voted this evening to cancel this year's annual Holiday Banquet, due to COVID concerns. We're all very disappointed, but are hopeful that we'll be able return to normal operations in 2022.

Join our Club email reflector, to stay up to date on what's happening in the Club, meeting announcements, etc. See our Communicating With You page for details.