W6CX – MDARC Club License

MDARC currently holds two club licenses;
W6CX and W6LGW.
Where did W6CX come from?

Little has been found so far about the call sign W6CX. It was originally held by Bud Stedinger, a founder of the Club. Unfortunately, much of the information about Bud and the other Club founders has been lost. About the only other thing we know about Bud is that he passed away in 1955. In his memory, MDARC adopted the call as a Club license.

The earliest known trustee of the license was Hal Mumford, W6CU. An interesting side note is that Hal had two brothers, Royal, W3CU; and William, W2CU. All were members of MDARC at one time, as well as members of the Old, Old Timers Club (http://ootc.us/).

Hal, who had several other call signs at various times, including W6FAR, 7CW, 7CU and 7ZJ  was born Oct. 7, 1905. Graduated from Willamette University in 1928 with a degree in chemistry and was then employed by Colgate-Palmolive. A 1973 call book lists him as living in Walnut Creek, where he passed away in 1986.

The current trustee, Jay Caldis, KT6Y, (above) received the license from Hal and became trustee on Nov. 17, 1981. In addition to being our license trustee for several decades, Jay has served on the Club's Board of Directors several times, been on multiple Audit Committees and held numerous positions on the Pacificon and Technical Committees (and its predecessor, the Rocky Ridge Repeater Group). Jay was inducted as a Lifetime Member in 2013.

Core information by Jay Caldis, KT6Y. with edits by Mike Patterson, N6JGA. June 15, 2015.
Additional edits by Mike Patterson, N6JGA, January 02, 2017. Source = http://ootc.us/

Royal Mumford, W3CU:
Royal Mumford, W3CU, was a founding member of the Maryland Mobileers Amateur Radio Club.  We have adopted his call sign for our club license.  The Mobileers are planning to celebrate the centennial of Royal's first license, issued as 7CU in 1916.

The attachment has some interesting information on Commander Mumford."
From an email by Gordon Davids, WJ3K, Vice President, Maryland Mobileers Amateur Radio Club (MMARC). December 13, 2016.