Charter Members
of the
Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club

On January 2, 1947, Bud Stedinger W6CX, Lyle Gardenhire W6RUZ, Marion Doss, W6ICU and N.C. Dahl met at the home of Bud Stedinger to formulate plans for founding an Amateur Radio Club.

O.W. Peterson W6LGW was also in attendance via radio. A week later, January 9, 1947, the same five founders met at Bud Stedinger' s home to formulate and adopt a preamble and By-Laws for the Mount Diablo Amnateur Radio Club, Officers elected by acclamation were:
            President:         Bud Stedinger W6CX
            Vice President  D.W. Peterson W6LGW
            Sec/Treas.::      Lyle Gardenhire W6RUZ

Notice was given locally that MDARC had been founded and the first meeting would be held at the Walnut Creek Grammar School on January 17, 1947.

Founded January 9, 1947

 President  Bud Stedinger  W6CX
 Vice-President  O.W. Peterson  W6LGW
 Sec. /Treas  Lyle Gardenhire  W6RUZ
   Marion Doss  W6ICU
   N.C. Dahl  

48 Charter Members
Charter Closed May 1, 1947

 Bud Stedinger  W6CX    Don Lucido  W6BXE
 O.W. Peterson  W6LGW    Jay Stinchfield  W6ZSB
 Lyle Gardenhire  W6RUZ    John Hopkins  K6AQ
 Marion Doss  W6ICU    Jim Allan  W6HSY
 N.C.Dahl      Clayton Rowan  
 Jerry Fender      Tom Willson  
 Fred Caudel  W6DEX    Carol Messler  W6WJN
 Dan Lynch      Brother Peter Doyce
 Jerry Shimmel  W6DMC    Leon Pate  W6JUW
 Roy Swanson  W6DMA    Mario Chirone  W6DUB
 Bill Reynolds      William Gentry  W6OKI
 Bruce Fry      George Burton  K6MFI
 George Bennett  W6GHD    Murray Douglas  W6CUG
 Leo Leidy  W6YHQ    Chuck Patterson  W6ATR
 Mary Ellen Peterson  W6PIR    Bob Rutherford  
 Jimmy Rankin      Inekie Romo  
 P.B. Williamson  W6JYW    John Post  W6MZZ
 Bob Horwinski      Jim Ruys  W6UZX
 Frank Latone  W6LJR    K.C.? Herrick  W6WOG
 Dom Lucido  W6IDY    Jack Tait  W6IT
 A Cortes      Russ Stedinger  K6ZBL
 R.V. Fender      Fred Ernest  
 Forrest Curtis      Omar Day  W6OBJ
 Ben Hall
     Robert Hask  

                Larry Archibald, W6JLE        Note: Possible additional charter member, per the Carrier, May, 1981.