Obtaining an
FCC Registration Number (FRN)

All holders of a radio license issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), amateur radio or otherwise, are issued an FCC Registration Number (FRN). For new amateur radio operators, there are two ways to obtain an FRN:

1. At the test session for your Technician Class License, fill out the application using your Social Security Number (SSN). After passing the test, the application will be submitted and an FRN automatically issued to you, along with your new call sign.

2. Obtain an FRN in advance of the test session, and use that on your Technician Class License application instead of your SSN.

MDARC and the FCC itself strongly recommend that you obtain your FRN before arriving for your first test. This will help reduce any potential delays in receiving your new call sign. It will also keep your SSN more confidential, preventing the need to expose it to the multiple people in MDARC and the ARRL that must process your application.

DO NOT attempt to use both options! If you choose to use option 1 above, don't go home after the test and apply for an FRN on line. This will result in multiple FRNs being issued and will cause a multitude of issues, including a likely delay in receiving your new call sign.

Note that all future correspondence with the FCC must include your FRN. In fact, it's used as your User ID when you log into the FCC web site to apply for or modify your license. Further, you should have only one FRN. Once you receive one, never go back and apply for another. Use the same FRN for all FCC business. This includes events such as applying for an amateur radio license upgrade and/or applying for a license in another service, such as GMRS.

Detailed instructions for obtaining an FRN are on the FCC web site at:

To Register for an FRN, Log In to your FCC account, Search for licenses and other activities, go to:

Also see the Benicia Amateur Radio Club's web page on this topic: