Red Cross Disaster Communications
and the Amateur Radio / ARES Community

by Jim Piper, RN
Volunteer Disaster Health Services
Liaison to Amateur Radio
American Red Cross, Gold Country Region

Thursday, June 7, 2018
The Salvation Army
3950 Clayton Road (at West St.), Concord

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Jim will give an overview of just what it is that the American Red Cross does in responding to a disaster, providing information beyond the typical public perceptions of what it is that they do. He will describe what kinds of message traffic they need to move if the telecom infrastructure is impacted and their approach to that problem in the Gold Country Region. He will also discuss what they ask of the amateur radio community to help them move messages from the near to the far end.

Jim Piper, RN
Since 2014, Jim has been with the Volunteer Disaster Health Services of the American Red Cross, and is the Liaison to Amateur Radio for the Gold Country Region. Prior to that, he was a staff registered nurse at various facilities.