Auxiliary &
Get On The Air (GOTA)
es - 2018

The Salvation Army
3950 Clayton Road (at West St.), Concord

Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club and SATERN will be conducting free courses where you can learn about:

* Getting On The Air with HF Radio    Thursday May 31st, 2018
* HF or VHF/UHF Portable Operations    Thursday June 14th, 2018
* Digital Messaging for Emergency Communications     Thursday June 21st, 2018

All Classes begin at 7:00 PM sharp and end by 9:00 PM.

Getting On The Air with HF Radio        Thursday May 31st, 2018
Learn the basics of HF communications.
Topics to be covered include:
    * Basic equipment of an HF station
    * Demonstrations of operating an HF station
    * Sun spots and their effect on the propagation of RF signals in the HF bands
Practical dipole and sloper antennas will be shown.

Instructors: Pete Harris, KE6ZIW and Dave Piersall, N6ORB

HF or VHF/UHF Portable Operations    Thursday June 14th, 2018
Learn how to set up an effective HF or VHF/UHF portable station for emergency communications or just for fun.
Training will cover:
    * Radio Recommendations
    * Power for Your Station
    * Portable Antennas
    * Antenna Supports and
    * Misc. Needs
Practical portable antenna and mast systems will be shown.

Instructor: Dave Piersall, N6ORB

Digital Messaging for Emergency Communications     Thursday June 21st, 2018
Training will cover:
    * Setting up your computer using free FLDIGI for digital communications
    * Which digital modes are likely to be most useful during a major disaster

Class Requirements: A hand held radio (two meters) and a laptop

Instructor: Klaus Berkner, K6KHB

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