The Greek Alphabet

 Upper Case
Lower Case
Common Uses
 Α  α  Alpha  Angles, Area, Attenuation
 Β  β  Beta  Angles, Phase constant
 Γ  γ  Gamma  Angles, Conductivity, Specific gravity
 Δ  δ  Delta  Angles, Density. Increment/decrement
 Ε  ε  Epsilon  Base of natural logarithms, Electric intensity
 Ζ  ζ  Zeta  Impedance, Coordinates
 Η  η  Eta  Hysteresis, Efficiency
 Θ  θ  Theta  Angles, Temperature, Phase angle, Time constant
 Ι  ι  Iota  Unit vector
 Κ  κ  Kappa  Dielectric constant, Susceptibility
 Λ  λ  Lambda  Wavelength, Attenuation constant
 Μ  μ  Mu  Micro, Amplification factor
 Ν  ν  Nu  Reluctivity, Frequency
 Ξ  ξ  Xi  Coordinates
 Ο  ο  Omicron  n/a
 Π  π  Pi  3.1416 (Ratio of circumference to diameter)
 Ρ  ρ  Rho  Resistivity, Coordinates
 Σ  σ
 Sigma  Summation (cap), Electrical conductivity
(Lower case final Sigma)
 Τ  τ  Tau  Time constant, Transmission factor
 Υ  υ  Upsilon  n/a
 Φ  φ  Phi  Magnetic flux, Angles
 Χ  χ  Chi  Electric susceptibility, Angles
 Ψ  ψ  Psi  Dielectric flux, Phase difference, Coordinates, Angles
 Ω  ω  Omega  Angular velocity, Resistance in ohms (cap), solid angles (cap)