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Terminal and AccessPoint Modes

If you own a radio that supports Terminal and AccessPoint features (currently, the ID-51A Plus2 or the ID-4100A), the following may be of interest.

It is said the fun of D-Star is in the Network.  The W6CX Repeater/Gateway supports linking to REF and other reflectors, and we encourage our RF users to send RF linking and unlinking commands to link to your own favorite reflectors whenever the repeater is not busy.  Our default reflector is REF014C, the so-called West Coast reflector.

Some users also purchase 3rd party hardware, such as a Northwest Digital ThumbDV, Internet Labs DV Dongle, DVMEGA Dualband Radio, Wireless Holdsings DV4mini or Internet Labs DVAP to connect to the D-Star network using their own computer and internet connection.  ICOM Terminal and AccessPoint features in ICOM's newest radios also have some of that capability.  

But you should be aware Terminal and AccessPoint modes only work using ICOM Callsign Routing. This means when you connect to another gateway via you radio's Terminal mode or AccessPoint mode over the internet, you will be heard there, but users who want to reply will need to know how to use Callsign Routing and capture your callsign (usually by pressing the radio's Callsign Capture button while you are still transmitting).  If they don't do that, you will not hear their reply.  The same applies to when you want to reply to a callsign routed call.

This means Terminal and AccessPoint features do not support linked connections to reflectors.  REPEAT:  The new Terminal and AccessPoint modes do not support linking to REF or any other reflectors.  They only support Callsign Routing.  This fact is not always obvious from reading the sales literature.  For that reason, if you want your own internet-connected way of accessing reflectors, you should investigate one of the many hotspots, access points or AMBE dongles available (e.g. DVAP, DVMEGA, ZUMspot, OPENspot, DV4mini, DV3K, ThumbDV etc).

The W6CX Gateway fully supports Terminal and AccessPoint features.  We do this by having two modes that every local RF user can switch with a simple radio command:

  • G3IRC mode is the normal mode, allowing linking to REF, XRF and DCS reflectors, as well as doing CCS7 linking -- in this mode, we run G4KLX ircDDBGateway software . Remote 51A-Plus2/4100 app users can still connect to the gateway with the ICOM app and callsign route to other gateways. However incoming calls on RF from remote Plus2 app users will be heard, but cannot be responded to until the local RF users switches our Gateway to PLUS2 mod3..
  • PLUS2 mode is necessary as explained above if you want to respond to a remote Terminal mode or AccessPoint mode user who has routed into our gateway.  While they are talking, press your radio's Callsign Capture (CS) button once before hitting your PTT.
Changing modes is easy:  Put G3IRC or PLUS2 in URCall and hit PTT.  It's that simple.  (As a courtesy to other RF users, when done with PLUS2 mode, please put the Gateway back to G3IRC mode.)