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Callsign Registration

New users can talk on our D-Star repeater without registering their callsign, but they can only talk to other local RF users on our repeater.  To talk to people over the D-Star network, for example people coming through an REF-type reflector, you need to register your callsign and create at least one "terminal." 

Once you register on one D-Star Gateway, such as MDARC's Gateway, your registration information will be available worldwide, and you can use any other repeater/gateway. 

Important!  You should only register on one repeater/gateway.  Multiple registrations cause D-Star network problems.

Registration is a 2-step process:

Step 1 - Request an account on our gateway by going to our Registration page.  Fill in your callsign in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, your first and last name, and your email address.  Enter a password that you will later use to log on, then click OK.

  • Your request to register will be sent to our Gateway Administrator.  Every attempt is made to process these requests promptly, but sometimes there are delays.  Please be patient.
  • The Admin will verify that your callsign is active, the name matches.  Normally, we encourage only people who are relatively close to our repeater to register on our gateway, but certain exceptions may be made if you are unable to get your own nearby gateway to register you.
  • Upon approval, you will receive an email that you were approved, and some brief info about Step 2

Step 2 - Set up at least one "terminal":

  • Go to our Registration page again and log on with your callsign IN CAPITAL LETTERS and your password from Step 1.
  • Details are found at, but basically just click on the “Personal Information” link on the top right, click the 1st box, enter a space in the “Initial” box.  Leave the AccessPoint box alone (unless you have a IC-51A Plus2 and want to use Terminal/AccessPoint).  If you chose to look at the detailed instructions, please note they may refer to the previous version software.  Ignore references to the field "pcname."
  • Click the Update button.
  • Your callsign information will be propagated out to the D-Star network.  It may take just a few minutes, or in some cases, several hours.
  • You can check your callsign at a D-STAR lookup site.
You should now be able to talk to people on REF reflectors, world wide.  Enjoy!