2017 Public Service Events (be sure to check back for updates and additions)

Beginning in early spring each year and continuing into early winter many ham radio operators from the Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club become involved in doing radio team communications to support various public service events that occur nearby. The events include long distance bike rides, bike races, running races, walkathons, a March for Babies, a half marathon, a triathlon, and local city parades.

The locations include beautiful scenic areas such as nearby regional and wilderness areas, Mt.Diablo State Park, and municipal trails and parks. Some of the agencies and causes that we have helped are: Children's Hospital of Oakland, the MS Society, the March of Dimes, Meals on Wheels, and Save Mt. Diablo.

Contact the MDARC Public Service Coordinator, Klaus Berkner K6KHB, to sign up for events.
Call 925-370-1865 or email Klaus at khberkner@comcast.net

 Also, see our Public Service Events Served by Other Clubs page.

Diablo Trails Challenge - Running
for Save Mt. Diablo
April 15, 2017 (Sat) - Castle Rock Park 
Radio Coordinator: John Stuart, KM6QX

4th of July Morning Parade -
July 4, 2017 (Tuesday) - Downtown Pleasant Hill
Radio Coordinator: Pete Harris, KE6ZIW
MS Walk 
April 23 , 2017 (Sun) - Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek
Radio Coordinator:EoinO'Donoghue,KK6Q
Walnut Festival Twilight Parade 
Sept. 16, 2017 (Sat) - Downtown Walnut Creek
Radio Coordinator: Pete Harris, KE6ZIW

March of Dimes March for Babies Walkathon
April 29, 2017 (Sat) - Pleasanton Fairgrounds
Radio Coordinator: Pete Harris, KE6ZIW, & Gene Alga, KA6FIY

Mt. Diablo Challenge Bike Ride 
October 8,2017 (Sun)  - Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Club
Radio Coordinator: Barry Isseks, K6ZA

Berkeley Hills Road Race
June 11, 2017 (Sun) - Bike race in the East Bay hills
Radio Coordinator: Mark Walsh, KM6XU

Wheels for Meals Bike Ride
October 21, 2017 (Sat) - for Meals on Wheels 
Radio Coordinator: Chris Quirk, W6CJQ 

Diablo Summit Stomp - 30K-Half Marathon-10K-5K
Nov. 4, 2017 (Sat) - Brazen Racing
Radio Coordinator: Larry Loomer KI6LNB



Participating in these events is a thrilling experience for many different reasons. These include:

  • The magic of radio transmissions

  • The camaraderie of being part of a radio team that helps make things safer for hundreds, sometimes thousands of event participants

  • The chance to do something meaningful for a good cause

  • The fun and satisfaction of using your radio equipment and opportunity to learn its various capabilities in real-life situations

  • The beautiful places and settings that you get to enjoy

Radio operators are assigned to check points, or to support (SAG) vehicles, or are on bikes, or sometimes in boats. Radio communications in some of these areas can be a challenge, but very gratifying and a whole lot of fun! For most events all you need is a 2 meter hand-held radio with an extra battery. When you participate, consider bringing a family member or friend to show them the excitement of the ham radio hobby.

This is a fun way to get out and use your radio, help a worthwhile cause and gain valuable experience that will come in handy in the event of a major emergency or disaster. It's also great PR for the club and amateur radio in general.  



Contact the MDARC Public Service Coordinator, Klaus Berkner K6KHB, to sign up for events
Call 925-370-1865 or email Klaus at

** The ham radio Public Service events listed here are those with radio coordination by MDARC members,
or events with prominent or historical MDARC participation. Hams do not need to be MDARC members to participate.