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March 15, 2019:
Go Kits
by Art Mayoff, AA6AM

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April 19, 2019:          Annual Auction.
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May 17, 2019:           TBA

June 21, 2019:           Revisiting the Martinez Club Repeater
                                    by Andy Record, KF6TJR
July 19, 2019:           Loop Antennas
                                    by Michelle Pacquette, AA6MP

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February 15, 2019:
O Solar Mio!

by Roger Hooten, W6UZ

Solar panel RFI mitigation is not a science. There are many opinions on best type, even if there is interference.  This presentation will focus on one type of system for a local 30 panel roof install completed a year ago.  The install followed a QST Solar article approach closely, but with an unexpected outcome. Types of solar systems will be introduced briefly.  RFI observations, tips and tricks learned, along with the costs to mitigate RFI for my HF Ham radio shack will be revealed!

Roger Hooten, W6UZ
I picked up my Novice while in High school, with the help of a Florida Elmer, whom I am still in touch with. I ended up not doing much with it and the Heathkit and old Hammarlund, as military family moves kept me uprooted regularly. I was still intrigued with radio and maintained the license and upgraded over the years to Advanced.  When I finally settled in California I went through the MDARC full set of classes to refresh, and snagged my Extra 2 years ago. I participate in various public service events but DX is my passion. I keep active, despite the solar cycle, with FT8 when I get depressed.  My house sits in a bowl so I continually complain that I can't get out.  Consequently I have grown a  very respectable Rube Goldberg ugly wire antenna farm.  It seems to work as I am within a dozen of DXCC now after 2 years. I don't show my face to my neighbors.

January 18, 2019:
Parachute Mobile - Past-Present-Future
by Rob Fenn, KC6TYD

So why do they jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Come and join us for an exciting and informative presentation where Rob will take you through ten years of Parachute Mobile.  Using skydiving as a platform, discover the many unique projects that the members of Parachute Mobile have incorporated into each mission.

Rob Fenn, KC6TYD
Rob has been in the EMS field since the mid 90's. He is currently working as a paramedic with AMR in Santa Clara County.  When Parachute Mobile began Rob was recruited as the Safety Officer. When the Team Coordinator position opened up Rob grabbed it and has been handling all the coordinating, scheduling, and promoting ever since. Rob was not a skydiver when he started with the team.  Being around and involved in the sport got him interested and in 2011 Rob took the course and soon thereafter was making his own QSO jumps.