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Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club (MDARC)

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The Zoom web site has an extensive support section, with detailed instructions on how to do various activities. Many include video tutorials. Explore that section at

Preparing and Testing Your System:
Main web site:
Support section:
Joining a test meeting to test your system and audio:
Testing your computer audio:

Attendee controls in a meeting
Raise your hand:
Keyboard Shortcuts
In-Meeting chat
        o Chat may be used by the host/presenter to gather questions or answers from the attendees,
                    much like an instructor would ask questions in a classroom.
Changing your on-screen name:
        There are three methods. Either: 
        1. Right-click your mouse cursor over your name at the bottom of your image, then select “Rename”.
        2. Click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of your image, then select “Rename”.
        3. Hover over your name in the Participants List and click “More”, then “Rename”.

You can make the name change permanent, if you wish, by going to your profile online. Click on this link,, and log in. Your screen name and the image that appears beside your name in the participants list is shown at the top of the profile page. Change the screen name by clicking “Edit” at the far right side of the page. Change or add the image by clicking “Change” just below the current the image, on the left side. 

Sharing your Screen:

Roles in a meeting
Host and Co-Host controls in a meeting
Managing participants in a meeting
Mute All And Unmute All
Polling for meetings
In-meeting security options