Club Announcements

We've added another new web page to our Getting Started in Ham Radio series. this one is called Getting On the Air, and provides a lost of good information for everyone, but especially new hams.


We have a new page on the web site, providing "a few of the most fundamental concepts that all amateur radio operators should have seared into their brains." Have a quick review on our Fundamentals for Amateur Radio Operators page.

Registration is open for our 2019 license training courses. We're teaching two Technician Class and one General Class course next year. The first course starts Jan. 10. See the details and register for one or more on our Class Details page.


Congratulations to our 2019 Board of Directors! After the close of balloting tonight, the following were declared the winners:
President - Larry Bradley, KK6QPE*
Vice-President - Ed Morales, KJ6KYT*
Secretary - Larry Loomer, KI6LNB
Treasurer - Cathi Walton, K3CJW*
Emergency Coordinator - Ron Bunch, K4FEK*
Dave Piersall, N6ORB  Year 1 of 2
Mike Warren, W6MEW Year 1 of 2

They will join these incumbent Directors, who were not part of this year's election:
John Primus, AF6RJ*  Year 2 of 2
Trevor Hall, WA6JAU*  Year 2 of 2

[Those with an asterisk (*) following their call signs are incumbents.]

Be sure to register for our annual HOLIDAY BANQUET, to be held Sunday, Dec. 2. See our Holiday Banquet page for details.

The abstract and bio for the speaker at this month's Club meeting was delayed for awhile, but is now on our Speakers page. Have a look and we'll see you at the meeting.

The Auxiliary Class tentatively planned for this Thursday, Nov. 1, will not occur. You may remove that from your calendar and go on a pub crawl instead.

We've added a web new page to our Getting Started in Amateur Radio section under Resources. It's called Upgrading Your License. Take a look.

A new Digital Systems sub-section has been added to the Activities section of our web site. It gives brief explanations of most of the more popular types of digital communications, both voice and data; with links for more information. Check it out!

The Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association (PAARA) is hosting a tour of the SS Red Oak Victory ship; and MDARC is invited! So mark your calendar for Nov. 10 and check this page for details.

The California Radio Historical Society is hosting Radio Day by the Bay 2018; its annual auction and action day; on July 21st at its home in Alameda. It's a major fundraiser, with special events of many sorts scheduled. See the CHRS web site for details and plan to be there.

Our July speaker information is now available on the Speakers page. It looks to be a fascinating presentation. Have a look.

Remember that Field Day is coming up in just two weeks! Join us at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek for MDARC's annual Field Day, June 23-24. See our Field Day web page for details.

For those of you that went on the annual Camp-out; or wish you did; here's a link to a YouTube video of the highlights of that weekend:

We have new Auxiliary Classes coming up this summer. Check them out ans sign up on the Auxiliary Classes-2018 and Red Cross Disaster Communications pages.

Check out a new section of our web site, called Getting Started in Amateur Radio. It has lots of information for the new (and not-so-new) ham.

The Pacificon web site is live and registrations are open! Sign up now, save some coin and avoid the rush.

Presented by the Knights of the Megahertz & MDARC. It's coming up June 1-3. A bunch of us go every year. See for details.

Know someone that wants to get their Technician License? Can't wait until Pacificon? Both the Benicia and USS Hornet clubs are hosting one-day sessions next month. As it happens, both are on May 5. See these flyers for details:
* USS Hornet flyer
* Benicia Amateur Radio Club flyer

Now, you can Stream our 2 meter W6CX analog repeater from the comfort of your own computer, smartphone, or tablet. Check it our and listen in.

If you attended Pacificon 2017, please take our Pacificon Survey, to help us make Pacificon 2018 even better. Thankx!

Reservations for our annual Holiday Banquet are now available! See our Banquet web page to reserve your spot. See you there!

Membership renewal for 2018 had begun! See our Membership page to renew or change your information for the directory.

A new sub-section has been added to the About Us section of this web site. Called "Official Documents", it contains copies of our Bylaws, Operational Polices and other documents. Check it out.

In response to the Northern California fires, some response groups may be using our 2 meter repeater, and possibly other systems, as part of their communications services. Note that fire-related traffic has priority over all other non-emergency traffic until our systems are no longer needed for this emergency. Please understand the urgency for these services and yield the channel when needed for fire-related traffic.

We've added a new page to the web site, describing our Club's committees. Check it out and let us know how you'd like to help. See the Committees page.

The 48th Anniversary Campout Party, organized by Knights of the Megahertz & MDARC, will be on June 2nd-4th this year. They'll be at the Sugar Pine Dam Recreation Area in the Forbes Creek area. They're
limited to 50 people at this site so get your reservations in early. See the Campout Party web page for full details and to register.

Our web site has a new page on Radio Operating Procedures. A great reference for new hams and a good review for veterans. Check it out.

The PowerPoint slides from yesterday's presentation on DMR by Tim Barrett, K6BIV, is now available from a link at the end of his description and biography on our Speaker's page.

We had planned to have Chris Wilson from Yaesu talk to us at the February meeting to give us a System Fusion Demonstration.  Unfortunately, Chris is no longer with Yaesu and is unavailable. No worries! Our own Tim Barret, K6BIV, will be here to answer the question "So You Got a DMR Radio, Now What?" See our Speakers page.

Have you seen something called an "IP rating" in the specs of your new radio or cell phone? Wonder what it means? Check out our new web page on IP Codes, in the Resources section under Equipment.

We're kicking off the year at our January 20 meeting with a wonderful presentation by a true expert in the area. Michelle Paquette, AA6MP, will teach us the Basic Antenna Principles we need to know. See the details on our Speakers page.

Remember to SAVE THE DATE. Our annual Holiday Banquet will be on December 2nd at Zio Fraedo’s, 611 Gregory Ln., Pleasant Hill. More details soon.

Earlier this month, MDARC became the proud owner of an electronic News Gathering (ENG) van, donated to us by KGO-TV in San Francisco. Check it out on our Vehicles page.

We now have a wonderful Pacificon 2016 Introductory Video, prepared by none other than Randy Hall, K7AGE, famous for his hundreds of ham-related videos and his YouTube channel.Take a look at it.

The first ad for Pacificon 2016 is in the August edition of QST, page 148. A beautiful full-pager. Check it out!

07/26, 2016
Our August meeting will have a "Don't Miss" presentation for anyone interested in passing traffic, especially during emergencies. See our Speakers page for details.

Wednesday, July 20, is the Round Table Pizza fundraiser for MDARC. See our Fundraiser page for details.

Our web site's Technical Resources section has a new page, on Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System (NBEMS), which uses the Fldigi software. Check it out.

Our Field Day this year turned out to be very good, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the Field Day Chair, Larry Loomer, KI6LNB; and the head chef, Misa Siemons, KJ6BUE. The bands didn't open up very well for us, but we had a number of people come by to chat and operate.

If you weren't there Saturday, you missed a great dinner, with tri-tip, baked potatoes, salad, the works. Diana Sage brought some outstanding brownies and strawberry shortcake.Also, the Walnut Creek CERT held a display and demonstration session in an adjacent room with a very good turnout.

Looks like we'll be doing this again.

A new page has been added to the Resources section of our web site, in the Technical category. It describes the Decibel and how it's used. See the Decibels page.

The club is having a Fundraiser at Round Table Pizza in Pleasant Hill on July 20. See the Round Table Fundraiser page for details.

The Pacificon 2016 brochure is now available for distribution. Download a copy from our Brochure page.

The 47th Anniversary Camp-out Party, sponsored by the San Francisco Amateur Radio Club & Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club, will be June 3-5. A great get-together with a long tradition.
See for details and to register.

Our speaker for the May meeting has been announced! See the details on our Speakers page.

We now have detailed instructions on our web site for obtaining an official copy of your ham license, thanks to John Primus, AF6RJ. See the License Copy Acquisition page. Thankx, John!

The Keynote Speaker for Pacificon's Banquet has been confirmed. New ARRL CEO and Secretary Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, will be here with a great presentation. See the Banquet page for details.

Public Service events for 2016 are now on our web site. Check them out and sign up on our Public Service page.

The PACIFICON 2016 web site is live! Check it out at The conference registration section isn't ready yet, but will be soon. Keep checking back, as we will be updating the site frequently.

We're swapping our agenda at the General Meeting this month. The speaker will address us first, at 7:30pm, followed by the business meeting, rather than our usual other-way-around. So be sure to get there on time!

Our D-Star system is now sharing the antenna up on the tower with our 2-meter system, higher than ever. If you're a D-Star user, give it a try and see how the reception has improved.

A Glossary for Amateur Radio has been added to the Resources section of our web site. Check it out.

The PACIFICON committee meeting for February has been cancelled. We'll see you in March.

The Board meeting was postponed a week. It's tomorrow night. Y'all come! See our Club Meetings page for the location & details.

General Class upgrade course starts in March! See Classes-2016 for details.